Nagoya Mosque (名古屋モスク)


Alhamdulillah kemarin sempat mampir sebentar di Masjid Nagoya. Ndak terasa udah lamaaa banget ga ke masjid T.T

Referring to the history of Islam in Japan, the first Mosque was built in Nagoya in January 1937. Soon after that, the building of the Mosque was burnt down by an air-raid of American B-26 plane at 8:30 in the morning of May 14th, 1945. Since then and until 1998 no any Mosque has been built by anybody in Nagoya.

The present Nagoya Mosque is established in 1998. It is opened on July 24 of the same year. Nagoya mosque consists of four floors. The Islamic center and the place for ablution are in the first floor.








Nara To-kae : Candle Festival!!


NARA TO-KAE candle festival!!

Tens of thousands of candles are lit up in the land of ancient Nara where thrived as a capital 1300 years ago.

NARA TO-KAE started in 1999. Candlelight blends with the historical land and spectacular nature only 10 days in Summer (8/5-8/14 for this summer).

TO-KA is a lump of flower shape on the top of a candlewick after lighting a candle. It is said to be good fortune when the flower shape is made.

They light candles one by one with best wishes for the visitors!


Idenya menarik untuk di adopsi, di Jogja sepertinya menarik, dengan banyaknya ruang publik yang bisa dimanfaatkan. Ada alkid, km nol, sekitar kraton dan taman sari dsb

Earthquake Early Warning System #belajar


Earthquake Early Warning (緊急地震速報), the world’s first early warning earthquake detection system, developed by Japan’s Meteorological Agency in 2007, able to detect a shockwave near the ‘quake’s seismic center and relay that message over television, radio and mobile phone.

Here’s how it works:

– Seismometers detect the first shockwave.

– Computers analyze the wave and estimate how powerful the second one will be.

– If that wave is estimated to be more powerful than a certain threshold (”lower 5″ on the local scale), an alert is issued.

It’s simple enough, but it’s a critical step so that companies — think utilities, petrochemical plants, rail operators and others — can shut down facilities and minimize damage.

Make no mistake — the warning is issued mere seconds before the earthquake actually occurs. But it’s just enough to make a difference for those further away from the seismic center — as well as initiate a ripple effect across the globe.



Baru saja nerima alert (yg kebetulan false alert) soal gempa di deket Nara. Berguna banget kalau bisa di kembangkan di Indonesia, recommended untuk jadi bahan studi banding dan riset nih!!